Bonfire night

The plan had been to do lots of fire and firework themed activities for bonfire night this year, but then we got the dreaded bug and it all didn’t quite go to plan. We did eventually manage to do a couple of sensory play activities I had planned though.

The first was firework gloop. We made gloop with cornflour and water, and then attempted to make fireworks. Initially we added dissolvable vitamin tablets, but they took a really long time to do anything and it just wasn’t exciting enough for a toddler.

So then we added powder paints!

They were really bright and colourful and made playing with the gloop really interesting. Bobcat especially liked making “roads” and then seeing them disappear.

The gloop was a bit dry so we added some more water, which also mixed the colours around a bit

We had great fun mixing colours and making holes to be filled.

Then for lunch we had firework pancakes. I tried this in 2 different ways. One with colouring:

And the other with sprinkles:

The colouring worked okay, though you needed to add and spread it straight away before the pancake cooked too much. Bobcat definitely preferred the sprinkles though and we’ve had them a few times over the last couple of weeks.

The second bonfire night themed activity we did (after bonfire night) was fire themed jelly, with fire coloured cereal hoops.

I made some jelly in red, orange and yellow, and (after being in the fridge for a week until we had time to do this activity!) we tipped it out onto the tuff tray. At first we spent some time just feeling the top of the jelly and wobbling the tray to watch it move.

Then we gradually started making holes in the jelly and splitting it up. Little monkey had already started taking bits off to have a taste, but bobcat isn’t especially keen on getting his hands dirty so we took quite a lot of time over this bit, talking about how it feels and how it wobbles and generally getting him used to touching it.

After splitting it all up we decided to add our hoops. I had dyed these with food colouring a few days before, mainly as a test for little monkeys upcoming birthday party. I used food colouring rather than my usual liquid watercolours so that they were taste friendly, given that little monkey is always putting things in her mouth!

The hoops went in on top so we had to mix them in, which was a good chance to get our hands messy. From this point little monkey spent most of the time just eating the coloured hoops, but bobcat got really into it and enjoyed lifting the jelly and hoops up in the air and dropping them into the tray

Then I got out some cups and spoons to make jelly castles. They didn’t really stand as castles and looked more like colourful cow pats when you lifted the cup, but it was a fun activity that kept them both engaged a little longer

After our fire jelly play we enjoyed some more firework pancakes (I get the feeling they are going to be regularly requested from now on!)

It took a while, but we enjoyed our bonfire night themed activities once we finally managed to fit them in!

(Bobcat is 2 and a half, little monkey is 1 year)


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