Rainbow party

Last weekend we celebrated little monkeys first birthday with a rainbow themed party. 

We had lots of rainbow themed food – a fruit rainbow (strawberries, satsuma, melon, green grapes, blueberries, purple grapes), a vegetable/savoury rainbow (tomatoes, carrots, yellow pepper, cucumber and purple wafer snacks), smarties, rainbow cookies and rainbow fingers (chocolate fingers dipped in melted white chocolate and sprinkles)

For play we had scratch art for some of the older children, balloons and a music DVD, and coloured hoops for sensory play.

I used food colouring and vinegar to colour regular cereal hoops so they were taste friendly, but if I did it again I would just use liquid watercolours as the food colouring didn’t dry well at all. 

Amazingly at the end of the party the hoops were still recognisable as a rainbow. We had great fun playing with them again later in the week.

We discovered that if you put a cardboard tube in an egg cup you can fill it up and then lift it to see all the hoops fall out together. 

The only game we played at the party was pass the parcel, which little monkey hated as she didn’t understand why daddy kept stopping the music! I put rainbow ribbons in each layer as a themed alternative to sweets and the prize was a giant rainbow slinky toy. 

We had a great party, and I totally forgot to take any other pictures!


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