Last week we celebrated Valentine’s Day with hearts and lots of red things.

For our sensory play we had a red themed tuff tray. I used food colouring and white vinegar to dye rice red, and Bobcat helped pick out lots of red toys to go in it.

I decided to go for rice after the success of the split peas in the Winnie the Pooh garden – Bobcat really enjoyed filling and pouring the dry split peas and he loved the rice for the same reason. I also added some little heart table decorations and some silver heart boxes. 

Little Monkey really enjoyed just playing with the red balloon, and Bobcat discovered dropping rice onto the balloon created a great noise and effect.

This has been another sensory play set up that they have gone back to again and again. 

After our first play with the red sensory tray we had a go at making No Time For Flash Cards heart shaped pizza. 

It’s the first time we’ve had a go at making something like this, and Bobcat really enjoyed it – he especially enjoyed eating the cheese and ham as he made it (I think he ate more cheese than he put on the pizza!) Plus the pizzas were a really tasty lunchtime snack!

In the afternoon we did some stamping and painting. 

To do the stamping I stuck some foam heart stickers to milk bottle tops to create stamps. We used our homemade stamp pad, made with a sponge in the bottom of a plastic takeaway container and some red paint. 

A couple of days later, we cut the stamped paper into small cards (cutting is currently one of Bobcat’s favourite things so this was definitely his highlight of the week!) and then wrote something he loves about his Daddy on each one. We put these in a jar to create a ‘jar of hearts’ like the one on The Outlaw Mum.

We also painted some paper plates. The idea was that they would be heart hats like these ones on Pinterest, but I cut the hole in the middle way too big! 

The purple one with the hole in the middle was supposed to be for lacing, like the ones on Teach Them To Fly but we still haven’t got round to that bit yet! However they enjoyed painting (and Little Monkey actually managed to get more paint on the plate than on her face this time!) so it was worth it despite the lack of outcome.

For our lunch on the second day we had the traditional valentine strawberries, and I used heart cutters to make cheese and pitta hearts with dip.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day was lots of fun, but it’s all done and over with already in our house to make way for celebrating a special boys birthday instead…


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