It’s been a busy few weeks here, but we’re managing to just about keep up with our lent tree. We’ve missed days here and there but we’re doing extra stories and activities on other days to try and make it back up. It’s now starting to look more and more empty as we get closer to Easter.

The lent tree consists of a reading from the Jesus Storybook Bible for each day and an activity for each day too. I turned the printable countdown discs from Kojo designs into tags to hang on our lent tree for the stories, and wrote the different activities I had planned to do on luggage labels. We then have pegs that I attach to our activities at the beginning of each day that Bobcat has to find. Then we eat a snack whilst we read the story and then do the activity.

Our activities started out more lent themed and have become more Easter themed as we’ve got closer to Easter Sunday (I love having an exciting build up to Easter but didn’t want to start it too early!)

We started our lent theme by making an Ash Wednesday tape resist cross. Then we had a lent themed sensory tray based on the story of Jesus in the desert

The sand is actually ‘cloud dough’ – a combination of vegetable oil and wholewheat flour (the ratio is about 1 cup of oil to 6 cups of flour). I love this sand as it’s so soft and feels really nice to play with. 

Then we added props for different parts of the story – some stones and bread, some little wooden people and ‘angels’, and a big cardboard temple.

We watched a video about the story on you tube and then reenacted the story in our tuff tray. Then we added some plastic cups and made sand castles!

We also made bread. I’ve not really made bread much before – it was a fun activity to do together and a good lesson in patience waiting for the dough to rise! 

After playing with the sensory tray a few times we started talking about the temple and what it was for. As we did this we decorated it with our chalks imagining all the different colourful activities that might have happened in the temple (it is a cardboard cut out covered in blackboard paint so we can colour it again and again)

As well as talking about the story of Jesus in the desert, we have also been trying to focus on generosity this lent. I won a fanastic ‘Exploring Generosity with 40 Acts” kit from Godventure, and although I decided to save the actual booklet for when my children are a bit older, we have used lots of the ideas to practice being more generous. (I would definitely recommend it if you have 1 or more school aged children!)

Bobcat and Little Monkey made a card to go with the chocolate bar to give to our postman (complete with postman pat stickers) 

It took us about a week to finally catch him to give it to him and I think he was quite bemused when Bobcat finally managed to hand him a parcel!

We also made bird feeders to put in our garden and chocolate spoons for Bobcat to share with his friends.

As well as lent themed activities we spent a week doing St Patrick’s Day activities (maybe I will post about them another time) and we’ve now moved onto our Easter activities. 

I’m so excited to celebrate Easter this year. What do you do to celebrate Easter in your family?

(Bobcat is 3, Little Monkey is 17 months)


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