After the messiness of the spaghetti ocean we decided to stick with mess and celebrate International Mud Day!

For a while now I have wanted to create a mud kitchen in our garden, but we are currently waiting for some work to be done, so it really isn’t practical to set up a permanent space. So I was very pleased when I saw Happy Hooligans idea of making a wheelbarrow into a mobile mud patch. A wheelbarrow, some mud, some sand and some water and we had ourselves a fantastic mud patch.

We bought some cheap kitchen accessories and I found some old shelves in the shed to go with it. As well as a stand for the kitchen things, we also used the shelves to create an additional kitchen area, a ramp for cars, and a lid for when it started raining 

Bobcat loved running the cars down the ramp and seeing the tracks they made.

We also used our water container from camping to create a water station so the children could add more water and wash their hands 

Obviously, because we live in England, it started to rain! We played for a bit more, and then came in to get washed and dry.

In the afternoon we read The Loving Father and talked about how pigs liked mud. Then we played with our pigs in our own gloopy mud 

This is just cornflour, cocoa powder and some water – it takes a bit of trial and error (and lots of mixing) to get the right consistency, but the process is lots of fun and the end result is great to play with. 
We also discovered you could write words in the gloop, which was good for our letter recognition practice

Next I had created an ‘invitation to create’ based on Clare’s Little Tots 

We used the parts to create a pig each

Then we used paint like Beautiful chaos made up of brown paint and coffee granules to make our pigs muddy. 

Bobcat made sure the pigs were very muddy indeed

I also adapted worm mud pie pudding to create our own pig mud pie puddings – chocolate delight, topped with crushed Oreos and marshmallows shaped like a pig

Later in the week we returned to our mud play. I had left the gloop to dry out in the tuff tray with the intention of coming back and adding more water to turn it into mud again. However, Bobcat loved playing with it as it was. It looked a lot like rubble, as it has cracked into pieces as it dried, and it was a lot of fun to break it up more and more. 

We started off doing simple things like breaking the pieces and stacking them, but it wasn’t long before the construction vehicles joined in the fun 

We also added bugs to the mud patch…

…added flowers and apples to our mud kitchen cooking…

…made brownies…

…and adapted the recipe from I can teach my child to make mud playdough (I used hot water and mixed rather than heating up. Beware this recipe makes lots of playdough!)

Mud day was messy but lots of fun, and we now have a great mud patch to come back to again and again.

(Bobcat is 3 and a half, Little Monkey is 20 months)


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